Thursday, November 27, 2008

Top Ten Black Friday Steals!

I have ranked these in order of awesomeness (Carly word...hehe)! I realize that I am a member of Main Street Congo but I truely think the artisans there are the best and the Black Friday Deals they are offering are amazing. I also listed my store because I am very fond of it...hehe! I did list it last though!

1. Deb's Buggy Covers has an awesome FFS Lotto on a Buggy Cover!
2. Luv Bug Diapers will have FFS organic diapers!
3. Main Street Congo will have lottos for discount codes and FFS lottos!
4. Bitty Fluff will have hourly FFS lottos from 3 am to 8 pm!
5. Northwoods Toys will have FFS lotteries on handmade wooden toys!
6. Electic Cauldron has a Tiger's Eye Sterling Silver Earrings FFS!
7. The Melting Pot will have Tart Burners for $2!
8. Evelyn X has adorable owl ornaments on sale!
9. I Heart That Dance has very cool felt items, bags and PJ pants on sale!
10. Lil Birdie Bottoms (my store) has Five Diaper Wash Truffles FFS!

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